August Burns Red

Chameleon Club and CI Productions Present...

August Burns Red

Carousel Kings, Auburn, A World Once Silent

Thu, December 27, 2012

6:30 pm

Chameleon Club

$22.00 - $25.00

This event is all ages

August Burns Red
August Burns Red
“I definitely don't feel like we're the ‘new guys’ in the scene anymore. We have our sound figured out at this point,” says
AUGUST BURNS RED guitarist JB Brubaker. “But it was time to break some rules.”

Since the release of AUGUST BURNS RED’s 2009 breakout album, Constellations – which landed the metal juggernauts at #24 on the Billboard 200 – the Lancaster, PA-based genre giants have found thems
elves in some rather unexpected places. From the cover of Alternative Press to Fox’s “American Dad,” from the sands of Dubai to the Warped Tour, from Japan to Australia to South America, AUGUST BURNS RED crisscrossed the globe time and again on the road to the top of the hard rock heap.

When it came time to record their fourth full-length album, Leveler, ABR could have played it safe, could have simply cashed in on their previous success by making Constellations II. Instead, after eight years and a quarter of a million albums sold, AUGUST BURNS RED scrapped the old game plan and followed their sound where it led them. The direction, as it turns out, was both forward and backward. On Leveler, the band recaptured the hungry, ferocious heaviness of their earlier albums, and at the same time bravely indulged some of the more creative impulses they had previously stifled. The breathtaking result is nothing short of a game-changer.

“The biggest risk we took on this album was not limiting ourselves to stay inside the standard metalcore box,” says Brubaker. “If there was a part that didn't sound like a traditional metalcore part, we ran with it and made it as wild or unorthodox as we wanted. We've been motivated to progress as a band and push ABR in different directions, while maintaining the characteristics that made us the band we are in the first place.” Illustrating that point is the album’s second track, “Internal Cannon,” arguably Leveler’s most out-of-the-box track, which manages to stay utterly brutal while employing a samba clean section, a salsa-esque solo, and another section seemingly destined for a Quentin Tarantino film. It’s definitely metal, but the jury’s still out on the “core.”

“I think that's one of the advantages to being on your fourth album,” Brubaker says of the band’s experimentation.“ We have a dedicated group of listeners who are supportive of us trying new things and breaking some of the unwritten rules of metal. It's a luxury we are very thankful for and do not take for granted.”

Balancing out a rich surplus of inventive clean guitar sections and blistering solos on Leveler is crushingly heavy riffage not heard from AUGUST BURNS RED since 2007’s Messengers. Also present is the virtuoso playing of Matt Greiner, already one of metal’s premier drummers, who takes his craft in even more dynamic directions. “The drumming is more technical on Leveler,” Brubaker says. “I'm confident that this is the best performance Matt has ever given on an album.”

Also making strides on Leveler is vocalist Jake Luhrs, whose personal journey from a life of substance abuse to the frontman of one of metal’s most talked-about bands was well-documented in AUGUST BURNS RED’s band-defining cover story in Alternative Press. In reuniting with producer Jason Suecof, who also manned the boards for Constellations, Luhrs pushed himself to deliver a profound and emotive performance. “Suecof is great with vocals and I personally connect with him well,” Luhrs says. “We do have our tiffs when it comes to producing vocals, but it's because we really have a heart for lyrics and vocals. We end up hugging it out.”

“It was like stepping back into a laboratory with a mad scientist two years after that chemical explosion incident,” Brubaker says of reuniting with the metal wizard. “We went with Jason again because we love how clean and crisp he makes our albums sound. His production is top notch and he brings great ideas to the table in all facets of the process.”

With the release of Constellations, AUGUST BURNS RED became a band that could no longer be ignored. They debuted in the Top 25. They toured alongside peers like A DAY TO REMEMBER and LAMB OF. They co-headlined the AP Tour and, this summer, will serve as headliners for the entire 2011 Warped Tour, and will be touching down for tours in Southeast Asia, Europe and Russia. Most importantly, they grew and connected fiercely with a colossal legion of fans, as the three-quarters of a million “likes” on their Facebook page attests. And that is why, with the release of Leveler, AUGUST BURNS RED will prove to be an absolute pillar of their genre.

“Our fans keep this band above water. If we have fans, then we have ABR,” says Luhrs. “I honestly didn't know if we'd get to this place, to call myself a touring musician and it be my only source of income AND it being my dream... wow! Music is our passion and it's what we want to be doing. We intend to keep doing it as long as we can.”
Carousel Kings
Carousel Kings
We're a pop-punk band from Lancaster, PA. We want to engage our fans, make new friends, and eat as much pizza as possible, in that order. If you like pop-punk and fun, say hello at a show, we'll be sure to get along. Like a good neighbor, Carousel Kings is there.
"They say you only live once, So I'll push the limit 'til it's over the edge"
screams the frontman of Auburn, Brian Colantonio in the song "Freeman's Legacy"

The band lives up to his words with 12 heavy, melodic and in your face tracks off their debut full length "Parallels". Produced and mixed by Chris Curran (Four Year Strong, Therefore I Am,Vanna) and mastered by Alan Douches (Everytime I Die
, Underoath, Norma Jean).

Brian explains why the name "Parallels" was chosen:

"When we began brainstorming ideas for this record we wanted a way to explain the changes we've gone through in every aspect of our lives. When I look back at the person I was just 2 years ago I looked at life much differently then. In a way I want this record to represent the person I am now compared to the person I was, along with the sound we had back then and the sound we have now. Most of the lyrics are written in the same aspect. To show the identity of, similarity of and compare...Parallels"

Forming in 2006, Auburn has come a long way, establishing themselves as a respected name in the legendary Boston hardcore scene. They have earned and secured a solid spot alongside their peers such as Four Year Strong, Therefore I Am, Vanna, A Loss for Words and Lions Lions to name a few.

Since releasing their "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" E.P. in 2009, a lot has changed with Auburn and it has only made them a stronger and better band. In addition to touring coast to coast multiple times and endless shows and mini tours all over the U.S., the band has taken the last two years to mature and hone their sound. This time around all the pieces fit in the right spots; The sound is heavier, the lyrics are deeper, there is even more intensity and energy. This is Auburn version 2.0 and the beta testing and glitches are long gone.
A World Once Silent
A World Once Silent
We are A World Once Silent and we've been together since May 2010. We released an EP, In the Company of Wolves, on 05/30/11 and we've been getting great reviews on it. We are currently playing shows, writing new material and hitting the studio mid-October 2012 to record a full length which we hope to release early 2013. We are always looking for shows, so please hit us up if interested in having AWOS play. We enjoy talking about music, love performing and meeting people.
Venue Information:
Chameleon Club
223 North Water Street
Lancaster, PA, 17603