Chameleon Club Presents...


Wed, January 30, 2013

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Lizard Lounge



This event is 21 and over

Hexbelt has the ability to cut across political, social, and economic boundaries to reach the masses. A peer in a crowd at a Hexbelt show would reveal a cross section of society, with baby boomers, neo-hippies, punks, blue collars, yuppies and the like; all jamming together as one. Hexbelt truly is a unique band in an age of increasingly generic modern music.
Penman /singer /guitarist Dann Ottemiller, guitarist Mike Couch, drummer Brendan McGowan, bassist Neal Kreider, and sound engineer Kenny Dunlap.

Ottemiller's stream-of-consciousness lyrics, delivered in a husky drawl and loping, lusty rap, come straight from the soul. The biting philosophical, psychological, political, social and sexual commentary of his songs comes across in cryptically coded messages allowing the listener multiple interpretations. His unique rhythmic approach on guitar fattens up and battens down the band's full sound as well.
Couch's fleet and fluid guitar work epitomizes Hexbelt's unique sound. His versatility to jump from ska-like rhythms to searing leads, blues fills and country picking to moody tonal passages and achingly beautiful slide to dirty funk, while remaining inventive and soulful, is truly amazing.

McGowan keeps it all steady, while using an absurd array of beats from funk to world music and everything in between, while Kreider provides the rock-solid low groove, adapting his style to fit the band's moods.

Kreider, international man of mystery and a damn good wiffleball player...

"some of the lyrics sound like they could have been conjured up by the love child of mother goose and dr. seuss."
- unknown

"Solid groovin' in the pocket rock with an experimental edge that moves through the spectrum of blues, funk, ska and rip-snortin raging rock-n-roll with a prevalent hippie anarchist punk attitude running throughout."
- 3D monthly music review

"...An original rock and roll band, they are difficult to pigeonhole...a weird hybrid of rock, reggae and blues, all melded into languid tunes that people . "
- Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

"The lyrics have a duality...a very hot nature and an intellectual meaning underneath." - Quote from a fan.
- The York Dispatch

"I'm listening to (From The Breathing Room To Ward), for the fifth time in two days. It's almost too good to be true."
- Pennsylvania Musician
Venue Information:
The Lizard Lounge
223 North Water Street
Lancaster, PA, 17603