My tickets are at will call. How and when can I pick them up?

You may pick up will call tickets on the night of the event and only after doors open. The box office will open at the time listed on our website. You need to present a valid picture ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets. No ID = No admission. No exceptions.

Can I take pictures?

Our photo policy varies each night and is dictated by the headlining artist of that night. In most cases(but NOT all), point and click or nonprofessional cameras are allowed. We do not find out the camera policy until the day of a show, on occasion you may need to take your camera back to your car.

Does the Chameleon Club have a video policy?

No video is allowed whatsoever without the permission of the band. There may be additional restrictions that apply to your use of the video camera.

How do I purchase tickets at the door?

You may purchase tickets at the box office the night of a show only after doors open. The box office takes cash or credit($2 service fee per ticket for credit). Once inside, the Chameleon Club takes cash or credit. There is an ATM on premise.

Tickets will not be available at the box office if a show has sold out in advance. Refunds are only permitted for cancelled shows. Refunds are only given for 60 days after the date of a concert. Tickets can not be purchased over the phone nor held at the door. Please check our facebook page for up to the minute status on whether a show is sold out or not.

Can I smoke in the Chameleon Club?

The Chameleon Club is nonsmoking. For anyone over 21, we do have a rooftop deck where smoking is permitted. The deck is open year round for this purpose.

Does the Chameleon Club have seats?

Unless a show is advertised as seated, which is very rare, all shows are general admission/standing room only. If you need / require a chair, one can be provided for you, ask a staff member for assistance.

If I leave a show can I get back in?

No, all Chameleon Club events are no re-entry.

What time are shows over?

As per Lancaster City curfew, all age shows Sunday-Thursday must be done by 10 pm, Fri/Sat they may run til midnight although 11 pm is more normal a finishing time. any shows 18 and up or 21 and up may run til 2 am any day of the week.

Entry Requirments

The Chameleon Club requires that all patrons 18 and over who would like to attend a concert must, regardless of age, present a valid form of identification when asked. The ONLY acceptable forms of ID are valid non-expired state issued driver’s license, valid non-expired state issued ID, valid non-expired Military ID, or valid passport. No other forms of ID are acceptable. The Chameleon Club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone unable to meet this requirement.

Also, personal items such as pocket knives, pepper spray, flasks, outside food and drink, unmarked medication, or anything that could be considered dangerous or contraband will NOT be allowed in the building. A simple rule of thumb is: if you can’t take it to the airport, don’t bring it here. Also, just like the airport, if we must confiscate an item so you can enter, it will not be returned to you.

Do I have to be 21 to get in?

No, but you should check the ages listed for each specific show because not all shows are all ages, some are 18 and up and some are 21 and up. Underage patrons are NEVER allowed into any area serving alcohol.

Restroom policy? 

Our restrooms are gender fluid, and we encourage everyone to use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable identifying with.

I live in town and would like to buy an advance ticket to the show

Great, the Lizard Lounge is open Monday through Saturday from 6 pm til 2 am. You may also buy tickets at CI Records located at 226 North Prince Street Lancaster, PA. They open at noon everyday but Sunday and it is very good of them to be willing to sell our tickets for us. Thanks CI!

How long has the Chameleon Club been here?

In June 2018 the Chameleon Club will be celebrating 30 YEARS at the 223 N. Water St. location. We would like to thank all those who support live original music and will continue to proudly attempt to bring the best live music we can to central PA! For a pretty complete list of performers click here.